GRATITUDE: Fishing for Blessings!

You are AMAZING! And we know that you’re doing your best at raising tiny disciples. Part of that is helping your little ones develop an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!

We love visual reminders, and one of our favorites is our blessing fish! This fun, easy and totally free activity is a great way to get your kiddos excited about counting their blessings one by one. 

Before Jesus fed the 5,000 with just a few fish and some loaves of bread, He paused to pray. It was only after He gave thanks that He proceeded to perform a miracle. What a wonderful reminder that great things— even miracles!— can happen as we take the time to praise our gracious and loving Heavenly Father. 

We’re excited for your children to spend this month pausing and praising God for the blessings in their lives, too. Let your family motto be:

"...But first, thank God!"


  1. Print your fish onto heavy cardstock to make them more durable. Or, if you’re using regular printer paper, glue your fish onto colored card stock.
  2. Set a time that your family will write a blessing onto their fish each day. Join your children in writing down how God has multiplied blessings in your life, too! This is a great chance for the whole family to get creative and make your fish as colorful and vibrant as the blessings in your life!
  3. Display the fish by making a garland out of string or yarn. Secure those beauties with tape, paper clips, or use a hole-punch to thread your string through.


Snap a picture and share your blessings with your friends on social media. Be sure to tag us @a.mighty.change! We can’t wait to see what miracles you’ve caught this year! 

Thanks for being here, friend. Feeling extra grateful for YOU!