Youth Temple Prep Study

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Parent-Child Baptism Workbook


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Thank you so much for doing this! I was planning on going through the preach my gospel wiith my son, but then found your book, and we are almost done with it! It has been PERFECT to prep him for baptism. I'm so glad that he and I feel confident that he is ready. It has also been such great one-on-one time after his siblings go to bed. THanks for following a prompting that was an answer to my prayers.

Jacquie V.

My daughter was just baptized this past Sunday. We used this resource to help prepare her and it was AMAZING- thank you from the bottom of my heart!


We started working on the book a couple months before her birthday and would do one page a night. Those evenings were priceless! No matter what happened that day, we ended it together, talking about the gospel, strenghtening both our testimonies and our relationship. Her spirit is so strong and so wise and I am so proud of her desire to follow Jesus Christ. When her baptism came she was so prepared and so so ready! THis book is inspired and was such a blessing to both of us.


I got your baptism book for my daughter to do before she turned 8 this year and she knows so much more than I did when I was baptized. I truly feel like she wants to be baptized and isn't doing it just because we want her to.